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St. Raphael’s serves the Catholic communities of Livingston and West Orange. We welcome those from other towns and other faiths to come and worship. St. Raphael Parish is served by Rev. Jose Erlito Ebron, whom we refer to affectionately as “Father Lito.” He was installed as the seventh pastor of St. Raphael in 2016, and his philosophy is that all are welcome. Fr. Lito is known for his generous spirit and his great sense of humor. He generally begins each homily with a joke, but his homilies are thought provoking and apply to everyday life.


Fr. Joseph Bejgrowicz supports Fr. Lito and shares his welcoming philosophy. He is wise and encouraging, believing that you should leave church feeling better about yourself than when you came in. 

Through the Mass, the Sacraments, weekly devotions, the rosary, small faith groups, ministries and activities, your faith is strengthened. Even more important is to make this faith journey with others. We recognize that the Holy Spirit is strong when two or more are gathered in His name. 


At St. Raphael parish, children are so important to our community. The cry of a baby during Mass reminds us that our church is alive and growing. The children are our future! Our 9:00 am Sunday Mass is dedicated to children and they have their own experience of the Gospel in a small group setting with dedicated volunteers to explain the concepts to them in a way they can understand and relate to. We call this CLOW, which means "children's liturgy of the word". The children are also invited to gather around the table to understand what Eucharist means.

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