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  • Virtual Bible Camp
    Session 1: 9 Sundays
    Free Livestream Bible Camp is planned for children in grades K-7 Livestream Bible Camp during the weekend for 9 Consecutive Sundays, starting July 11th from 11:15am-12pm,
  • Sonny's Food Pantry
    Pantry is open every day 9:00 am- 5:00 pm.
    St. Raphael Church
    If you know of people that are in need of non-perishable goods, please tell them about Sonny's Pantry. Please come in through the office doors and you will be guided to the room to shop.
  • Faith Sharing Group series "The Discernment of the Spirits"
    Wed, Jul 21
    The Discernment of the Spirits
    The Faith Sharing Group is starting the series of The Discernment of the Spirits - Setting the captives free by Fr. Timothy Gallagher on 14 simple rules or guidelines on the teachings of St Ignatius of Loyola on the ups and downs of spiritual life. The teaching will be simple, clear and usable.